Over the counter whitening products are like one size fits all. They are not custom designed, there is no case evaluation, no diagnosis nor is there anyone to treat any side effects caused by them.

At RDC, we believe that every individual is different and so are their expectations. We listen to your expectations, plan and then deliver the product that would best suit your needs.

Whitening or bleaching your teeth can be of two types, in- office and take home whitening.

Take home whitening is what we highly recommend as you can control the shade change at the comfort of your own home and monitor the sensitivity of the teeth and whiten them as per you comfort. We get you to come back after a month for evaluation and assessment of the teeth shade change and guide you accordingly.

In office whitening is for those who want instant results. We usually don’t recommend them here at RDC as the teeth can get very sensitive and also can lead to pulpal damage of the teeth in some cases. Also, in –office whitening is coupled with at home bleach for optimal results, thus the treatment is a lot more expensive as compared to the take home whitening.

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